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Kids Bathroom Ideas

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Kids Bathroom and Shower Ideas

Creating a delightful and colourful bathroom for kids is not just about its aesthetics but can also encourage them to embrace good hygiene habits with enthusiasm. Though it cannot guarantee that they will wash more or brush their teeth regularly, investing in a fantastic bathroom tailored to kids' preferences is worth it. It will bring joy to the kids who use it and the adults who share the space. 

bathroom and shower room ideas

Bath time is a cherished ritual for most kids, filled with splashes of joy and learning experiences. The familiar routine of bathing, drying with a fluffy towel, wearing warm PJs, and brushing your teeth set the stage for a cosy bedtime transition. Therefore, creating a bathroom that excites and inspires kids can make this daily ritual more enjoyable. 

The concept of a "kids' bathroom" has evolved with the changing ways we use our living spaces. With many homes featuring master en-suites or adjacent rooms repurposed for adults, the family bathroom often becomes the domain of children. Thankfully, transforming this space doesn't always require extensive plumbing work—usually, a fresh coat of paint, thorough cleaning, and essential updates suffice. 

When designing a kids' bathroom, the bath size must be considered. A smaller tub, around 1500mm or even 1300mm in length, is more appropriate for kids. It provides ample space for solitary water play or shared enjoyment for two. Opting for a freestanding tub instead of a conventional built-in one adds character and accessibility to both sides. 

concrete perform panel

Storage is paramount in a kids' bathroom. It installs a sizable wall cupboard behind the bath for easy access to bath toys, with a slatted base to promote airflow and quick drying. 

Perform Panel bathroom wall panels offer a hassle-free solution for outdated tile or plaster walls. These panels create a waterproof surface that's effortless to clean, sparing you the laborious task of scrubbing grout lines. The Concrete wall panel is an ideal backdrop, ensuring practicality and aesthetics.

To enhance the bathroom's charm, consider soft mid-blue walls adorned with a decorative scallop edge, complemented by bright orange accents for a playful touch. Embellishing the bathroom with natural scallop shells for a seaside-inspired theme can add more character and whimsy. 

A shower curtain adds flair and encourages imaginative play during bath time. Opt for fish patterns in vibrant colours like pink, orange, or lime green for added whimsy. A bright vinyl floor, such as Perform Floor Warm Mahogany, can infuse the space with warmth and cheer. Painted steps facilitate access to slightly elevated basins, while framed seaside prints and charming decor accents add character and delight. Investing in a delightful kids' bathroom can be a joy for the whole family. By incorporating these simple yet effective ideas, you can create a haven of joy and creativity, encouraging endless hours of water-filled fun.

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